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JDG TimeSave Tools
JDG TimeSave Tools
17:53 08 Mar 22
Absolutely excellent... Clear, detailed and prompt responses with no sales... pressure at all.No upselling for their fee either, just a fair, professional appraisal...Thanks to Allbright, I am not spending thousands on a low hope project (when I so easily could have been).read more
19:06 07 Mar 22
Thank you to the team, very professional, very helpful I would fully... recommend them to take care if your business. Thanks for a great service 👍read more
21 kevill
21 kevill
17:26 26 Nov 21
Albright IP have been very good to me. Their ability to explain complex... topics in an easy to digest manner and carrying out the work in a good time scale was great. while also keeping me up to date with the application .Then end result being that we accomplished everything I wanted to in time and budget.Highly more
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Do I have to identify the designer?
It is possible to waive the name of the designer when filing a European Community Design, but you should be sure that you have the rights to the design


Golden Balls: A battle of David vs. Goliath

A recent decision of the General Court of the European Union allows use and registration of the trademark GOLDEN BALLS by Golden Balls Limited, despite a 6 year long legal battle brought by Intra-Presse, the owners of the BALLON D’OR trade mark....

Intellectual property ‘trolls’ in the US

As periodically happens, the media have picked up on the activities of so-called ‘patent trolls’ in the US. Of course, the world of patent law is far removed from the usual scope of popular news, so what has prompted investigation into the...

Patent Trolls

Reforming the Patents County Court

The Patents County Court (“PCC”) as opposed to the Patents High Court, was set up to provide a simpler alternative to the expensive Patents High Court route for individuals and small to medium businesses (“SMEs”) to pursue lower cost claims of...

Was this a ‘bouquet of barbed wire’ for M&S?

  At face value, it may appear that purchasing keywords relating to a competitor’s brand, and incorporating these into your own online marketing campaign, is an easy way to grow your business. In effect, someone else’s established...

Small Claims Track Aids Creative Rights Holders

  With the advent of a new small claims track in the Patents County Court, SMEs and individuals can now enforce their creative and Intellectual Property rights with less formality, cost, and increased speed.   From 1 October 2012, the...

An App Store, or is it Apple’s App Store?

  A dispute in the US concerning trademark infringement and false advertising has once again brought to light questions surrounding ownership of the term “App Store” in relation to downloadable mobile software and also, proprietorship of...

App Store

File Sharers and Digital Copyright Infringement

  The Digital Economy Act 2010 has been rushed through by the UK’s Parliament following growing concerns over copyright infringement. Generally, copyright is a sidelined issue compared to patent and trademark infringement. However, this...