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Emily Warwick
Emily Warwick
14:56 27 Jul 22
My experience with Albright IP has been flawless from start to finish. I... have never filed a patent before so I was learning everything as I went along. They have been helpful in every way possible and gone the extra mile to ensure I was kept in the loop and happy as everything was going through each step of the way. I cannot express enough how pleased I am with their service. I had the pleasure of working with Will, Abigail, and Adrian. I would recommend Albright IP to anyone looking to file a patent more
Simon Mills
Simon Mills
13:22 06 Jul 22
Super helpful advice, and really friendly service. Highly recommend... Albright for IP advice and more
Luke D.
Luke D.
11:25 23 May 22
Was a pleasure to work with Will and Melissa on a patent draft and filing.... Will took the time to understand both my software product and the commercial motivations behind the patent filing. They were extremely responsive to questions and clarifications throughout the process (availability isn't everything, but it certainly helps!).They were also very clear regarding fees, and set out a very helpful visual timeline and cost breakdown on the whole patent application process at the pre-sales stage. This emphasis on making sure I understood all aspects of the work, and having documentation to help with that, is something I didn't see with any of the other patent services I was talking to at the time. This clear communication continued throughout our interactions.Would recommend Albright IP to anyone looking to patent an invention. The patent they filed for me was for a software more
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Need a Product Designer?

Helpful Tips

Do I have to identify the designer?
It is possible to waive the name of the designer when filing a European Community Design, but you should be sure that you have the rights to the design

Matthew Cyrson

Do aircraft parts need to be patented abroad?

If you are a designer of a new aircraft part, and have filed a UK patent application to protect the part domestically, you may wonder if you need to file foreign patent applications to protect the invention abroad. Patents are territorial. A UK patent to an aircraft part could be used to stop someone, amongst some other acts, making, selling, or using that part in the UK.

Do aircraft parts need to be patented abroad?

Facebook Wins Against Voxer In Patent Infringement

Facebook has had some bad press in recent times. However, in this recent patent infringement case, Facebook v Voxer [2021], the High Court judgement sided with Facebook. The decision is interesting to look at in more detail and discuss, because...

Facebook vs Voxer.jpg

How Patents Can Let You Make Money from Covid-19

If you watched the Downing Street press briefing on Monday 23rd November 2020 then, amongst the utterances of “jolly” and “alas” from the UK Prime Minister, you may have noticed a comment from Prof Andrew Pollard. Prof Pollard - director of the...

covid 4948866 1920 1

Shanks vs Unilever

  The Supreme Court’s judgement in Shanks vs Unilever could lead to increased costs for businesses which benefit from profitable patents. But can these costs be avoided?   In the UK, the right to be granted a patent for an invention...

Shanks vs Unilever

Can I wait to file a patent application?

  For start-ups that are building their business around an innovative product, preventing more established companies from copying their idea by having a patent granted is essential. However, there are plenty of other essential aspects of a...

Time to file a patent application

“Poor Man’s Patent” – Fact or Fiction?

  From time to time the phrase ‘Poor Man’s Patent’ gets thrown around, seeming to imply there is a free or low-cost way of obtaining protection for your invention or idea. Below, we discuss what a ‘poor man’s patent’ actually is, and why it...

Poor man's patent